Find out about the tools available to support you during your Pink Tour and help you reach your goals!


Activities Calendar
Short on ideas for activities to help you accumulate minutes? Fear not, we’ve created an activity calendar to support you in your challenge. It also includes ideas for group activities for you and your corporate team, which can at the same time bolster your team spirit!


Fundraising Ideas Guide
Soliciting donations can sometimes be hard. To help you reach your fundraising goals, the Foundation has created a guide with fundraising ideas. This guide also contains ideas for you and your corporate team. Group fundraising can strengthen your team unity!


Promotional Material
Want to show your Pink Tour colours? The Foundation has created an array of promotional materials that you can use on your various communications channels to demonstrate your involvement in the Pink Tour. You only need to click on the tool you wish to use below, and a webpage will open. You can right click to save the image on your computer.
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  1. Facebook Cover Photo
  2. LinkedIn Cover
  3. Email Signature Banner
  4. Poster

The Captain’s Guide
Are you the captain of your corporate team? We’ve designed a guide to help you in your role.


The Participant’s Guide
To support you in your Pink Tour, a Participant’s Guide is created for you.


Whether you practice sports or carry out everyday tasks like walking the dog or washing the dishes, these personalized playlists according to each activity will help give you the energy you need to take part in the 2022 Pink Tour!


Log in to the Participant Centre and customize your page by mentioning your main motivation for supporting the cause and adding photos of yourself in action.