Thanks so much for joining the Pink Tour, this big fundraiser for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Every kilometre makes a difference when it comes to supporting people affected by breast cancer. This summer, let’s be virtual allies for the cause and raise funds by being active all summer long.

Here’s some information that will help you maximize your impact.


Successful Fundraising in Five Easy Steps

  1. Make your fundraiser your own
    Personalize your profile picture on your participant page. Explain your connection to the breast cancer cause and why you’re doing the Pink Tour.
  2. Recruit donors
    Make a list of your contacts. It can include your family members, friends and coworkers, but also your doctor, accountant, neighbours and other acquaintances. By email, phone or social media, ask them to support you by making an online donation. The more people you contact, the more donations you’ll get!
  3. Post your success stories on social media
    Share the good news about your Pink Tour! Why not post the number of kilometres you’ve accumulated and the donations you’ve received from time to time on your social media?
  4. Choose your fundraising activities
    On top of the donations you’ll get online, why not organize a few original and fun fundraising activities?
  5. Say thank you!
    Take the time to thank your donors! You could even send them some pictures of your Pink Tour! Don’t forget that you can email your donors directly from your participant page.

For Teams

You can do the Pink Tour as a team! With friends, co-workers, family members or whomever, get your people to go the distance and collect funds to support those affected by breast cancer and their loved ones. Each team member chooses their own individual goal. You can download the following items to enhance your Pink Tour: